Thursday, 10 May 2018

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal of Norton Products?

Every user banks on a quality form of security tool for the safety of information restored inside the computer system. Gone are the days when the user used to feel privileged by conducting work through a computer system. Every day is a new beginning for all those people connected with an intelligent machine like – Computer System.
The era of hackers or scrupulous people has taken a leap with learning more about smart ways to get into user’s computer. It is now that concerned person’s data and other relevant information gets siphoned to the wrong person. If the user is aware of this methodology and communicates with the professionals of Norton Antivirus through Norton Support Number UK then all doubts get clarified.
Reason for installing Norton Antivirus:
All form of online threats carried out by outside sources through any means actually needs the water-tight form of protection. This form of safety just can’t be initiated unless a similar form of activity is not being undertaken by the operator of the computer system. So, automatically role of Norton Antivirus comes into play or action.
Well, speaking of this user also needs to make sure that automatic form of alert should be present. This way user does not get subjected to his or her flaw of not taking decisive action against the onslaught of a virus or other bad elements. So, the user needs to adopt auto-renewal system which substitutes user’s work by getting activated at the right time. But if the user does not want to continue with the subscription then auto-renewal is a drawback for him. Auto-renewal charges the user automatically which is definitely a loss.
Note: The detailed form of explanation about the unsubscribing of the Norton Antivirus is applicable for these products – Norton 360, Norton 360 Premier Edition, Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security for MAC & Norton Antivirus for MAC.
One can unsubscribe the auto-renewal procedure by following the steps mentioned below –
Step 1 Creation of the Norton Account.
    The user needs to open any one of the Web Browser which the user needs to surf the net.
    A user can also need to go to the official website of the Norton Antivirus.
    A concerned person needs to strictly follow the on-screen instructions provided by the experts.
Step 2 User needs to login to the existing account.
    In this case, if the user already has a pre-existing account, then refer official website of Norton Antivirus.
    Over here the user needs to correctly enter the Email ID and relevant password.
    If by any chance the user has forgotten the relevant password then simply Click on the Forgotten Password and enter the Email ID.
    Now, just retrieve the forgotten password and login again.
Step 3 At this stage, the user needs to switch off the auto-renewal settings.
Step – 4 User can access refund for the auto-renewal without any difficulty.
If the above steps do not serve the problem of the concerned user of the Norton Antivirus, then the user needs to communicate with the professionals through Norton Phone Number UK. This way detailed form of explanation will also be provided to the concerned user without any difficulty.

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