Tuesday, 13 November 2018

How to Disable and Enable Norton Safe Web on Google Chrome?

Norton Safe Web checks each and every website that you visit for malware and virus. It makes sure that you don’t land up on a malicious page and a website that contain malicious content. You can learn more about this from experts who are available at Norton Contact Number UK. Safe web lets you:

  •  See the website safety

  • Check the shopping rating on the search result

  • Avoid malware infected websites

  • Configure your settings to keep risky websites at bay.

  • Protect your identity by protecting you from phishing websites.

Although, Norton executives whom you can call on Norton Support Number UK suggest you to keep this feature enabled but still for any reason you want to disable it then you can. To turn it on or off on Google Chrome, please follow the given steps:

  • Open Google Chrome and go to its Settings from the top-right corner.

  • From the Settings option, go to More Tools and then click Extensions.

  • On the Extensions page, you can enable or disable Norton Web Safe as per your security needs.

  • Once you are done, restart your computer to apply changes.

These are the steps for Google Chrome, but if you are using any other web browser and what to change Norton Web Safe settings, then you can take help from our professional team, who is working round the clock and is available at Norton Phone Number UK. They are masters in this field and can help you with almost everything related to Norton.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Norton uk (+44-808-169-1503) Norton Support UK

When you upgrade to Windows 10, there are chances that you might come across various issues with their antivirus so often. In case of Norton Antivirus, upgrading to Windows 10 may lead to varied no. of complication that is mentioned below with their prime solution. If you encounter some other problem, you can consult the tech executive available at Norton Support  Number UK for full support.
Here, is the list of problems coming your way having installed Norton security:
·         The main reason of such problem is when upgraded Windows 10 won’t able to recognize the Norton software. You can fix it by Using Norton’s Fix tool which will help you get the installation information and you can then follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

·         Sometimes, you come across Error code 3048,3 which shows up with the indication that Norton program latest update is not yet installed. In this situation, you should launch your antivirus program and go to Security and click Live Update. This will resolve such an error code definitely.

·         The above problem can also cause your antivirus solution to not open up. To rectify such situation, you can also try the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool so that you won’t face any further error.

·         The error code 8504, 104 can also appear on your screen after upgrading to Windows 10. It depicts that you have another security program installed in your device or sometimes due to the installation error. You can resolve such method, by removing the security software and uninstalling the third party if any.
If you are not able to solve the error still, then you can take help of the technicians available at Norton Helpline Number UK and the rest will be taken care of by them. The experienced technicians can handle even complex of issues in the shortest time possible.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

What are the benefits or attributes of Norton Antivirus making it worthy?

A user should not have any thought which does not yield a positive result. If this way of ideology is not practiced then a complete work can’t be presented. One can look into anything and see for themselves how far-fetching above-mentioned ideology turns out to be. All those people having this mindset have definitely proven their worth and escalating further in their work and like.
Based on the pre-mentioned thought process user should also look for a reliable form of security tool. For this Norton Support Number UK is the channel which sublets different knowledge about the procedure of securing data and safeguarding information from the hackers.
Now let’s know more about the reasons which make user tilt for Norton Antivirus –
Norton caters for the future threats –
The user is assured of making sure that continuous or round the clock form of examination of a security breach is conducted all the time. In fact, the engineers have designed it in such a manner that not even the smallest or complex form of bad elements is completely wiped out of the computer or another device permanently. So, now one can peacefully enjoy doing work on the online platform. This way user will not have any trouble on seeing the numerous pop-up windows being continuously flashed on the screen. Norton has taken an advanced step of taking everything into consideration and maintaining user’s safety.
Norton Keeps you abreast with the Updates –
The ideas being generated through Norton Customer Care Number UK means that user will not have any trouble in staying up to date with the current scenario in the Internet or superhighway. There has been an inclusion of smart and innovative features and this means that user will always receive updates about the recent or noteworthy form of developments being taken place. So, however complex ransomware, rootkits, trojans, spyware etc is then the user will not be left strangled behind. As between a particular time-frame the user will be receiving a necessary form of updates or the latest information.
Norton Keeps upgrading as the user needs to grow –
If the user is willing to make sure that other features of the Norton are also put into action, then banking on Norton is always a wise decision. It can be a two-way form of firewall protection, parental control software etc. Well, the user at any time can make sure necessary form of upgrade is possible. The user in this case just needs to make sure required form of system requirement is met and then pay for only the upgraded part is necessary. Engineers are having foresightedness to make sure required objective is being fulfilled.
The user will not be under any pressure if the work is being concluded through a computer system or other device. Norton Contact Number UK is a perfect source for making sure user can get additional information to within a reasonable time-frame.The user can also learn about how Norton Antivirus being programmed to serve the user better each time.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Toll Free 0800-029-463 If Norton Installation Causes Blue Screen Error?

Blue screen of death (BSOD) error is a critical error that Norton users encounter while installing this program. If you are also experiencing the same thing then you should not panic about it as this is really common with Norton users. You can fix this issue by following the instruction given by technicians who work at 0800-029-4639 Norton Support Number UK Let us go in a sequence:

Step 1: Use Norton Eraser tool
·         Download Norton Power eraser tool and click Save button.
·         Select the location for saving the file (preferred desktop) and click save.
·         Now double-click the NPE.exe file to run the tool. (If the User control panel window opens, then click Yes/Continue).
·         Click Accept to the license agreement.
·         Then click the Scan for Risks icon from NPE Window.
·         When asked, click the restart button.
·         After the restart, the scan process will start automatically. Then follow the on screen instructions.

Step 2: Start computer in safe mode with networking
·         Exit all program and press Windows + R
·         Type “msconfig” and then press enter. (If user control panel window opens, click Yes/Continue)
·         From System configuration window, click Safe boot and select Network, then press Ok.
·         You will be asked restart your computer, Please press restart.

Step 3: Then Download Norton using Norton’s Account
·         Sign in to your Norton account.
·         Then in the Norton Setup window, click Download Norton.
·         On the next window, click Agree & download.
·         Run the downloaded file and when the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.
·         Now follow the onscreen instructions to install and activate your Norton program.

Step 4: Now Restart Your Computer in Normal Mode
·         Exit all program and then press Windows +R
·         Then type “msconfig” and then press enter.
·         If User Account Control window appears then click Yes or Continue.
·         Then go to the System Configuration Window, on the Boot tab, uncheck safe mode and click OK.
·         You will be asked to restart your device, Click Restart.

If you face any sort of inconvenience in performing the above steps, then hire technicians for the same by dialing 0800-029-4639 Norton Help Number UK. This is the only number where all your Norton related problems are solved and that too in a convenient manner.